It's not much of a trick to speak in glowing terms about ourselves. What really makes us proud are the notes and comments we receive from our extended family of customers. The testimonials you see are just the tip of the iceberg, but the real test is how you feel when you visit. We look forward to meeting you when you stop by to inquire about a new car, a pre-owned vehicle, or one of our other services. We would also love to hear from you by phone at 415-241-8100. However you reach us and whenever you visit, you will be treated just how we treat family and exactly how we have welcomed guests since we first opened our doors in 1947. We can't wait to say hello.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

"Whenever my car needed anything..."

Whenever my car needed anything, the Service Department was able to find time in their schedule for meÂ?often they were able to fix something right there on the spot, even late in the day! I am proud to be a loyal Royal Motors customer, and want you to know that it is in large part due to the treatment I receive at your service department. I have, and will continue to recommend my friends and colleagues to Royal Motors and I look forward to many years of continued loyalty and honest service.

Dave,San Francisco

"I wanted to drop a quick note..."

I wanted to drop a quick note of thanks and let you know what a great job Patty does in the Service department. I have owned my Audi for one year now and she is by far the nicest and most professional person that I have met. Believe me that I unfortunately have had my car serviced for repairs at almost every Audi dealership in the Bay Area. Rest assured that with people like Patty at your office, I personally have been won over to the great service that I get from your shop there. Keep up the great work!

Glenn, San Francisco

"I wanted to compliment Royal Motors..."

I wanted to compliment Royal Motors on your Service department staff. I especially want to thank Johnny Liu for giving excellent customer service. He demonstrated excellent customer service by going the extra mile to attain customer satisfaction. That is how any business should get repeat customers. Thank you very much! Keep up the good work!

Jaime,San Francisco

"I honestly cannot remember..."

I honestly cannot remember the last time I was treated with so much kindness, professionalism and downright friendliness by a service provider. As a manager I wanted you to know what great employees you have, and how grateful we were to stumble upon them.

Paul, San Francisco

"I was truly overwhelmed by my visit..."

I was truly overwhelmed by my visit to your Service Department last week. Patty is definitely in a class by herself, when it comes to customer relations. She seemed truly concerned about my car and my schedule. I almost felt as if I had a family member taking care of my car! She never sounded rushed or impatient, she explained every detail to me and was especially efficient when it came to recommending future service schedules and suggesting tire replacement. When I arrived in a taxi (paid for my Royal Motors) a gentlemen opened the car door for me and offered to take my bags. He also asked to clean the back seat of my car before I drove away (he noticed the layer of beach sand from my dog.) You are to be commended for having such a thoroughly efficient and personable staff. Royal Motors is truly a first-class operation in my eyes.

Nancy,San Francisco

"I'm really happy with the experience (and my new car, of course)."

Just want to take a moment to let you know that both Mico and Zach were really great to work with. I'm really happy with the experience (and my new car, of course). One of the things that helped me choose Royal was knowing that you all do great work with the community here in SF - keep it up!


"I cannot stress how much we appreciate her taking time to deal with us from a distance. It made all of difference in the world for us. "

Hi Andy,
My name is Erin McClure and I am a long-time customer of Royal Motors Service Department (first with our Volvo and now with our VW suv).  I have stayed with Royal Motors specifically because of Patty Hudec.  What happened this week is yet another reason why she is superior.  We were for a final trip before our baby is born.  We decided to come to Solvang, about an hour north of Santa Barbara.  About 10 miles from our destination, the car stopped running.  We had it towed to the VW dealer in Santa Barbara.  Upon arrival, we were told it was a fuel pump issue; I immediately called Patty (she was on a break so I spoke with Jim, who is very good, as well).  Jim right away got on the phone with the Santa Barbara dealership and provided all of our warranty information and so on.  We got in a rental car and went to the hotel.  I will just say here that the level of service we experienced, even those first interactions with VW Santa Barbara, was so different than that at Royal Motors.
The next morning I called to follow up because I had not heard back from them (something I never have to do with Patty or the Royal Motors team).  The service advisor informed me that we were not covered under warranty and that he had yet to order the part (even though we had authorized it) so it would be another day or two.  Irritated and not convinced he was correct about the warranty issue, I was going to call Patty to see what she suggested, but before I could, she called me to see how things were going.  I explained the situation to her and she told me it did not sound right.  She said to sit tight and she would check with our warranty and the technicians up there for an opinion.  She called me several hours later and advised me on how to reach the warranty company and what to say.  She provided me with all of the information I needed to make the call.  I did as she instructed and, sure enough, we were in fact covered under warranty.  That call alone saved us nearly $700 dollars.  With a new baby on the way and the added expense of the hotel and rental car, it was an overwhelming sense of relief for us.  But for her efforts and advice, we would have taken VW Santa Barbara's word and spent the money. 
I cannot stress how much we appreciate her taking time to deal with us from a distance.  It made all of difference in the world for us.  Her usual sense of calm combined with her sense of urgency is her best asset and certainly was again here.  I am not nervous, like a lot of women are, to have my car serviced anymore because of my comfort level with Patty.  
I wanted to let you know about what happened because I have never properly taken the time to express my appreciation to anyone beyond her.  We have sent her flowers and cookies in the past as a thank you but, as a business owner myself, I think it probably means even more to her for her superiors to know. 
I am very grateful for her help in this situation, but I want to be clear that her efforts are always genuine and above and beyond.  In other words, I am not surprised she was willing and able to help us, as she always is.  I wish we had been home so we could have brought our car to you but we are grateful that we had the benefit of Patty's guidance and know-how, even while away.
We will see you for our next service!
Many thanks,
Erin McClure